about me




follower of Jesus. single mom. survivor of DV/SA. lifelong educator. lover of words, nature, folk art, music, native traditions, tattoos, road trips, and all things true. Bohemian gypsy traveler who is currently firmly anchored, but one day….

grace. simple elegance or refinement of movement.courteous goodwill. free and unmerited favor of God. divinely given talent or blessing.

grapple.engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons. wrestle. seize hold of. struggle with or work hard to deal with or overcome a challenge

Once you’ve grappled with the darkest corners, deserted alleys, and violent trails in your journey, and you haven’t been destroyed; and in spite of the brokenness, you’ve found a grievous, but embalming elixir that blankets your open wounds and quenches your parched spirit…. It’s THEN that you’ve come face to face with a grace that is both life-giving and soul-sustaining. When you’ve been at the edge of a chasm, peered over the precipice, and, in a blink of an eye, had to make a single decision as to which path you would take, and you have chosen to fight instead of lay down, persevere instead of throw in the towel, and speak rather than be silenced, you become defined by what you’ve been forged into, not by what was once destroyed in you. And that grace, though tarnished and bloody and frayed, it becomes the glue which holds all your shattered pieces together. It is IN the process of grappling, and battling, and agonizing with that grace, that you become truly alive. This world has enough hardened people in it. Let Grace be what sets us free.