Grief-Rendered Speechless

side with oppressor



Struggling this morning. Grieved that 5 cops are dead, and several others wounded. Two wrongs never make a right. And unfortunately, revenge and retaliation only serve to take the focus off of the insidious and deeply entrenched grievous acts ( repeated acts, not just a single incident) that led to the most current travesty.

We, as white people, just like all people should, be equally maddened by the cops who lost their lives. As well as support the amazing cops, who do amazing work, every day.

But we CANNOT forget, or cease to wrong the injustices that are set forth every day in this country, towards black males in particular, black lives in general. The cop killings do NOT wipe away or justify police brutality.

When we’ve had one white guy after another shoot up schools or buildings, we NEVER say that violence against all white guys is condoned, or shake our heads in self-righteous indignation. Instead we spend HOURS analyzing and critiquing what set him off in the first place.

We KNOW what set the Dallas cop killer off. Lord KNOWS that he had enough reason to be angry and upset.

So rather than pointing the finger at him as the reason why cops have to be brutal, let’s all of us work hard to change the reality that sparked his righteous outage in the first place.


We have an epidemic of brutality against blacks in this country, by police. It’s real. It’s ongoing. And it’s terrifying. I know. I have a son who is faced with this fear every single day. “Black Lives Matter” is a mantra, a way of peacefully demonstrating, about something that is very distrurbing to the peace. If you don’t live it, it’s very easy to isolate yourself from it’s realities. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same luxury that many white people do. And thank God. Because if all white people truly followed God’s mandate to demand justice, and defend the oppressed, comprehensively and structurally in our country, there wouldn’t be a need FOR a “Black Lives Matter” movement.

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