Mayor Schaaf and the OPD

My favorite quote here is when she says,” I am here to run a police department, not a frat house”….. I am highly intrigued with this whole case, if not disgusted as well. OPD is not the only department, or profession, dealing with this kind of scandal; nothing new in that context. And the diversity of character of the men involved in the OPD scandal is not an anomaly; nothing new about being human. And I know there are male leaders who would handle this kind of a drama with aplomb; nothing new, if not rare, nonetheless,  about integrous male leadership. 

But it is my firm belief that, because Schaaf IS a woman leader, and also simply not a woman  trying to fit in with “being one of the guys”, that she has the unique perspective, position, AND power, to label this whole mess for what it is, “a toxic culture of male machismo”, and to call it out. Not being a part of something often gives you a much better perspective to really “see” what something is. Kudos to her for how she is handling what I’m sure are years of deeply entrenched “wildings of all types”, and for not letting the scope of just who exactly she is calling out, intimidate her into silence. 
True leadership bears the burden of the people its’ leading. And what a lifting of the burden of stress and anxiety for those OPD cops, and associated civilian workers, who ARE amazing, honest, hard-working people ( they exist, I know some)….that tonight, because Libby has fully stepped into her role of leadership, to fight corruption and put that burden upon herself to honor the truth, they can sleep a little easier. Tonight, they don’t have to turn a blind eye, or pretend they don’t know what they do, or balance chess moves to cover-up the crooked paths of steps taken in the shadows. Tonight, they aren’t alone in speaking truth, labeling dishonor, and bearing shame. Tonight, they don’t have to live, isolated on an island of fear, not being sure how to support their partners, protect themselves, and still honorably defend the city they were sworn to serve. Tonight, hopefully, in a career role of often unbearable   responsibility and stress, to label and lock up the bad guys, hopefully they themselves have a little taste of what it means to be set free.

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