Nothing is Wasted

When I was in 7th grade, during a church service, I remember writing this exact quote in my old Bible, ” Lord, use me. Give me wisdom to be a light to people around me who are hurting.” And while you can have wisdom without personal experience, being able to tell someone, “I’ve been there, I get it,” does usually carry more merit. 
Three years ago when my daughter had to disclose and give a police report for what happened to her as a young child, I prayed for wisdom, and God spoke through me, saying to her, “_____loves you the best they can. And I know you love them. But where they hurt you and disrespected you, especially because they played a role in your life where THEY were supposed to BE protecting you, not abusing you, where that line was crossed, is where now you need to draw your line. Where they stopped loving you appropriately is where now you need to love and respect yourself more than you love them. You are worthy of respect. You never deserved to be treated how you were. So where that person stopped treating you with respect is where you now need to respect yourself. It doesn’t change your love for them, but you are now protecting yourself first.” And those words gave her the peace and courage to speak the truth that she had carried by herself for so many years. 
Well yesterday I was able to use that wisdom and experience to help another in my domain of influence. When we were done talking, this person turned to me and said,” I guess you’re right. I guess I am worthy of respecting myself. And that still means I love the person who hurt me, I just need to love myself first right now , right? I really DO need to tell the whole story about how I was hurt.” …….so grateful that my horrible experience was used to help someone else through theirs’.

2 thoughts on “Nothing is Wasted

  1. What a beautifully succinct way to express this idea: where the other person did not love and respect us is where we now need to protect and respect ourselves. The need for self-worth pops up in so many places! Well said.

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