Bundled Musings of a Mama Bear Part 2

My mom called me this morning. She told me that she had loved what I had written about her, but that she was no saint, and she didn’t want people to think that SHE thought she was perfect because she was far from it ( well…..I could tell her that too…:)…..). This conversation leads me to my thought for the day.

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My mom has taught me to own my issues, look people in the eye, be honest, call things spade-to-spade, and she raised me to be the kind of person that, if you don’t walk the walk, you better not be talking the talk. She has raised me to have integrity in how I live my life, and to accurately look myself in the mirror, and admit when I have failed myself, others, or most importantly, God. She has NEVER been the kind of mom that loved me without conviction. Don’t get me wrong; I have always felt deeply loved by her. But she has no qualms about calling me on BS when that’s what she thinks I’m living. She has always been in my corner, and honestly she has had to fight for me in ways that most moms never even dream of having to fight for their kids,  but she will push me out of the nest when she knows I’m capable of far more than I give myself credit for, or far more than I’m contributing to life at the time. She doesn’t expect more from others than she expects from herself, and she is the last person to ever, ever draw attention to herself; which is precisely why I’m doing this. So that people understand what quiet integrity and Godliness looks like in living flesh and blood.

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