join me as i sit on my stoop and reminisce about the day. this journey of life cannot be walked alone. we are created for community and relationship. but this highly people-skilled introvert covets her alone time. i love people, but i love and depend on solitude to keep me sane. a paradox much? a cop-out? an oxymoron?  yes. it is.  definitely. and yet it’s the story of my life… after teaching 30 students all day long… and solo parenting two teenagers at home? i would rather become a monk than go out and socialize in person. and when I communicate? light casual talk is a challenge for me. i’m more like an intense,”straight to the point” kind of person, think FBI interrogator more than a politician. and my topics of choice? i love engaging in weighty topics such as spirituality, holistic health, trauma/PTSD, domestic violence/sexual assault, and single parenting millenials. but I also love to talk folk art, traveling, a few TV shows, gardening, and bohemian fashion.  so hang out with me, grab a seat,  drink a beer or tea, and let’s chat….